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IT'S in the BAG Boutique
Pretty Outside. Powerful Inside.

Hello and welcome to IT'S in the BAG Boutique!

It’s in the Bag Boutique is focused on empowerment. As a surviving sexual assault victim, the need for promoting personal and child protection is extremely important to me. As a schoolteacher, I was able to help mold my student’s future through impacting their views and understandings. Providing them a safe, warm classroom and role model hopefully made a tangible difference in their lives.

As a retired teacher and now a business woman, I am committed to providing the same protection to women. I believe today’s women want to be able to defend themselves should the need arise. That is why I founded It’s in the Bag Boutique in 2013, to offer women a safe and secure place to store their weapon of choice while keeping in style with the latest fashion.

Enjoy shopping!

Diana West