Crossbody Bags

Crossbody Bags w/ a Pocket for your Firearm

Nothing beats the convenience and utility of a crossbody concealment purse. Many shooting instructors prefer this style of carry because you weapon is always secured to your body. From compact crossbodies to more oversized ones, the functional fashionability of this bag will carry whatever you need plus your weapon of choice. Just as the name suggests, crossbody concealed carry purses are meant to be worn across the body. These gun purses are typically smaller in size with an extra long shoulder strap that is adjustable and at times removable. Many people prefer these concealment bags because they keep your hands free for a two handed draw. We have several styles all featuring a separate compartment for your handgun. Find a variety of sizes, colors and brands of crossbody concealment purses to suite your style and keep you safe at IT'S in the BAG Boutique.

If you are not sure what size handbag you need, check out our Gun Chart

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