Faux Leather

Faux Leather Purses that Pack a Punch

Why not be loaded with style and knowing you can protect yourself in any situation? Faux leather is a quality alternative for expensive leather. IT'S in the BAG Boutique offers fax leather purses that carry more than just your wallet. We offer a huge selection of concealed carry purses made from high-quality faux leather. We carry purses manufactured by leading brands such as Montana West, Bandana, Emperia Outfitters and many more! Each one of our designer purses are available in a variety of different designs that are sure to keep you looking good and feeling secure. From new faux leather concealment purses to concealment handbags, stay safe and chic with the help of faux leather bags from IT'S in the BAG Boutique.

If you are not sure what size handbag you need, check out our Gun Chart

Always be loaded with faux leather purses