Ropin West

Concealed Carry Purses and Wallets by Ropin West

Ropin West specializes in quality tooled leather purses, handbags, and wallets with one notable exception beyond style and good looks. These purses have a hidden compartment inside that’s made especially for a handgun or pistol. The exquisite Ropin West purses are crafted from genuine full grain cowhide leather and features hand tooled detail. With Ropin West concealment purses, ladies with a license to carry can keep their piece by their side at all times discreetly and without sacrificing fashion. Ranging from chic to subtle, big to small, It’s in the Bag Boutique is the place to find the perfect Ropin West purse for cradling your little secret.

If you are not sure what size handbag you need, check out our Gun Chart

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