Gun Owners Share Why They Carry a Firearm

I carry a gun. I will not be a victim.

Why Do Some Men and Women Choose to Carry a Gun?

Gun owners, especially females, are regularly presented with this particular question.

Here are some of their responses.

  1. I carry a firearm to protect myself from possible harm. I’m empowered. I am equal as any man. I am a girl.
  2. I carry everywhere I go because in the world with the evil that’s in it… you never know when your life may be in danger.
  3. The average police response time -10 mins. Average time of interaction between criminal and victim -90 seconds. This is what I own a gun.
  4. There’s a secret compartment in my purse where I carry my gun. I will never be a victim again.
  5. I legally carry a firearm on me all the time because it’s my responsibility to protect my kids if the situation comes up.
  6. I’m a women and I carry a gun because I refuse to be a victim.
  7. I took the personal oath of being a gun owner and an American to protect those around me. I would sacrifice my life to save a stranger in the time of danger.
  8. My ccw license came in finally. I feel so much safer being able to legally carry a firearm on me.
  9. You rely on cops and good faith to protect your family. I rely on my guns and dogs to protect mine.
  10. I carry not because I am evil… but because I have lived long enough to know that evil in the world

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Tell me why you carry a gun?

How do you carry?

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